The people of First Baptist Wylie believe in the power of prayer. Our intercessory prayer ministries are an important part of the church’s overall purpose, to spread God’s fame by making disciples of all people.  Currently, we have the following types of intercessory prayer ministries:


The FBW prayer room is staffed during the day by members of our church whom God has called specifically to be intercessors. Other intercessors pray from home at specific times of the week.


Members who wish to participate in the staff prayer team will meet prior to each worship service with the pastors and other staff members to pray specifically for the upcoming worship service, asking the Holy Spirit to guide the pastor as he presents the Word of God to the congregation.


Intercessors pray during each service time for those who are participating in worship services taking place across our campuses.  These intercessors serve on a rotating schedule on teams responsible for a particular service time. Each team is led by a deacon and will meet in the prayer room to pray for the duration of each service for the pastors, worship leaders, and members of the congregation.


First Baptist Wylie is a participant in the Pray 4 Every Home initiative.

This intercessory prayer team consists of members who wish to intercede for their own, or other, neighborhoods.

Members of this team will receive a list of homes in their neighborhoods and agree to pray for the family in each home on the list by name over a period of time. Intercessors will also have opportunities to conduct prayer walks of the neighborhood being prayed for.


Members who wish to participate in the Revival and Renewal support team will need to have a desire for personal and corporate revival. Corporate revival can include the local church, a local community, and other areas up to a national revival and awakening. Members of this team will meet weekly to learn more about the methods to use in praying for revival and renewal, and to pray corporately for this activity of the Holy Spirit to become a reality in their personal lives and the lives of others.


This is reserved for future prayer needs, such as a church emphasis on a particular area for a limited amount of time; ie, a sermon series or special church-wide emphasis. 


You may contact Buddy Bacher for more information on how you can be involved with any of these ministries.