What is Starting Point? 

There are 3 different aspects of Starting Point:


The Baptism Class is a class for students in the 7th-12th grade and adults who are scheduled for or wanting to be baptized. The class will cover the significance and symbolism of baptism, how to write a testimony, and spiritual disciplines to help one grow spiritually.


Next, we have our Membership Class

This is a once a month class on either Sunday morning at 9:30am or Saturday night at 6pm.
The Membership class is for those who have been coming to FBW for a while, but have
not officially become members, those who have recently become members, or even
a longtime member. This class provides a clear picture of the mission, vision, and goal of
FBW and will include the philosophy of ministry, the practicality of ministry and the personal path of ministry.


Growth Group is the fundamental way we at FBW help lead people to faith

in the Lord Jesus Christ and build followers of Christ through the study of

the Bible. Groups will also engage people in evangelism, discipleship,

ministry, fellowship, and missions. The Growth Group a place where

people can get to know others and be known.

Starting Point Questions

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Grow With Us

Come Worship

We seek to authentically engage with God in corporate worship. “Spreading God’s fame by making disciples of all people” is the catalyst that drives the worship ministry.

Baptism Class

What is the real meaning of baptism? Who should be baptized? Do I have to be baptized? A class for adults and students grade 7-12 that brings answers to these questions.

Membership Class

This class is for current and potential members and helps you understand the vision, mission, and goals of First Baptist Wylie to impact our community, country, and world for Christ.

Join a Group

Let us help you find a place of transformation